Various Office Orders of SIIDCUL

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Allotment conditions in cases where PEC under MIIP and MTTP has not yet been approved and the applicant on the basis of proposed investment asks for benefit on land allotment as per those policies

Md Office

24/09/2020 View | Download

Regarding the nomination of the link officer in the period of leave of employees in SIIDCUL


24/08/2020 View | Download

Moratorium period in deposit of Land Premium by the allottees of various IIEs of SIIDCUL.

MD Office

30/07/2020 View | Download

Waiver of One Month Lease Rent & Extension of Due Date of Deposit of Lease Rent by the allottees of Commercial Plot(s) in SIIDCUL.

MD Office

10/07/2020 View | Download

In order to get the current tender document of the Public Works Department revised and adopted as per SIIDCUL requirement

MD Office

07/07/2020 View | Download

Extension of Due Date of O&M - 546/General Manager/2020

GM Office

29/06/2020 View | Download



11/06/2020 View | Download

Regarding Collection of Operation and Maintenance Charge at IT Park.


02/06/2020 View | Download

Waiver of One Month i.e April 2020 Lease Rent to the allottees of various II Es of SIIDCUL.

GM Office

01/06/2020 View | Download

Fixation of Industrial Land Rate in Aroma park & IIE Kashipur

MD Office

26/05/2020 View | Download